Edward Barry

Edward Barry

From Defending Skies to Delivering Dream Homes

A U.S. Air Force veteran turned dedicated realtor, championing the journey to homeownership for fellow veterans.

Military Experience

Air Force Logo

Military Branch: US Air Force

Years in Service: 4

Military Bases: Sheppard AFB; Seymour Johnson AFB

Role/MOS: 2W1X1 (Aircraft Munitions Specialist)

Skills & Achievements: Squadron Technician of the Quarter, Senior Airman Below-the-Zone (Early Promotion)

Professional Experience

During my time in the Airforce, I was lucky enough to have worked on the entirety of the weapons system on the F-15 E Strike Eagle. I was taught how to completely break down, repair, and reassemble bomb racks, rocket launchers, the gun system and many other components of the aircraft. The leadership team of my squadron selected me in order to fulfill a spot on a “guinea pig” special operation. I learned how to load munitions on the jet while it was running in synchrony with oxygen and fuel reloading.

I was also fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the Airforce’s finest and was therefore entrusted with leadership positions regularly. There were many-a-nights in which I was the highest ranker on duty and was able to keep the shop running smoothly and effectively. The most valuable gift I received form the military was not just a positive mindset but that, coupled with a leaders charisma, helped me evolve into the man I am today.

Associated Business

Globalwide Realty

Globalwide Realty is a real estate agency that specializes in serving both buyers and sellers, with a unique focus on assisting veterans. We pride ourselves on being a Seller’s Agent, providing strategic marketing and transaction support to get the best value for your property. As a Buyer’s Agent, we help find the perfect home that fits your needs and budget. Furthermore, we understand the unique benefits and processes involved with VA loans, positioning us as VA Loan Specialists who can guide veterans through the often complicated process of securing their home financing. 


  • Seller’s Agent
  • Buyer’s Agent
  • VA Loan Specialist
  • Connection Maker

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