Tom Duffy

Tom Duffy

Serving Airwaves with Veteran Dedication and Marketing Expertise.

Work with Tom Duffy, a seasoned radio advertising specialist and Air Force veteran, and leverage his unique blend of military precision and marketing expertise to amplify your message.

Military Experience

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Military Branch: US Air Force

Years in Service: 1968-1972

Military Bases: Cannon AFB, NM; Ubon RTAFB Thailand; Pease AFB, NH

Role/MOS: Housing, Personnel, Admin, Intel

Skills & Achievements: Selected Airman of The Month for the base at Ubon RTAFB in July 1970

Professional Experience

I’m a 40+ year advertising and marketing professional. Most of my time has been spent in radio advertising but I’ve also spent time in TV and digital and Yellow Pages marketing. I worked in radio in NY and Florida since 1974. I have been at every level in the business; sales rep, sales manager and general manager. I have won an Addy Award for a campaign in 2016 (Emmys for the radio ad industry) I’ve been working at Audacy Florida LLC, owners of radio stations WSKY, WKTK in the Ocala Gainesville Market. Audacy has 245 radio stations across the US including all the major markets like NY, LA, Chicago, Philly, Boston, Miami, SF, SD, Atlanta and others. We also handle the advertising sales for WRUF-FM and WRUF-AM (ESPN Gainesville) which are owned by UF.

I have a thorough understanding of media including broadcast, print, outdoor and digital marketing. I consult with my clients as to the best way to invest their marketing dollars and what messages they should use to grow their businesses. I specialize in the creative side of the business which is how I won my Addy Award.

Along the way during my career I opened my own advertising agency I manage clients that need marketing services outside the purview of our radio stations reach or capabilities.

Associated Businesses

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Spearheading the realm of radio advertising, Audacy is a company that values resonance, relevance, and reach. With a comprehensive portfolio of local and regional radio stations, they offer unparalleled access to diverse audiences across the state of Florida. Audacy’s unique focus is on creating compelling, audience-targeted advertising strategies that captivate listeners and drive results. Their expert team, including seasoned professional Tom Duffy, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a commitment to client success. By choosing Audacy, you’re choosing a partner that amplifies your message and resonates with your audience.


  • Radio advertising on several top-rated stations in the Ocala-Gainesville market.
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Tom Duffy Advertising is a full service, results oriented advertising agency. As you review the many exceptional advertising services our company can provide, you will get a clear picture of our creative and marketing capabilities. Please review some of our successful ad campaigns to get an idea of how Tom Duffy Advertising might help your business. Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation about your company’s advertising needs.


  • Award winning creative and production services for radio plus TV, outdoor and digital ads.

Connect with Tom Duffy

If you’re ready to transform your advertising strategy and make a lasting impact, it’s time to connect with Tom Duffy. With years of experience in both the military and radio advertising, Tom brings a unique perspective to each campaign, ensuring your message reaches its intended audience with precision and impact. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage Tom’s expertise and the extensive reach of Audacy. Reach out to Tom today and take the first step towards enhancing your brand’s resonance on the airwaves.

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