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Propelling Success Through Connection, Collaboration, and Community Impact

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Our Purpose

Network. Empower. Service.

At VetWorks Ocala, we’re more than a networking group; we’re a dynamic community of veteran-led business leaders committed to driving growth and prosperity in Ocala. We serve as a vital hub for CEP NetWorks Referal and Advisory Group, fostering an environment of collaboration and providing a platform for businesses to build lasting relationships, share insights, and ultimately, thrive in our vibrant business ecosystem.

But our purpose goes beyond business. We are steadfast in our mission to enrich our Veteran community through impactful veteran-led initiatives. Tapping into the unique experiences and skills of our veterans, we strive to generate transformative change in our community. At VetWorks Ocala, we’re where commerce and community converge, propelling both business success and social impact.

three steps to working with a veteran business

Improve Your Business Journey with Veteran Expertise

In just three simple steps – identify, connect, and impact – enhance your business success while contributing to Ocala’s vibrant community.”


Find a Veteran-Led Business

Explore our diverse network of veteran-led businesses, finding the one that aligns with your specific needs and goals.


Connect and Collaborate

Connect with a veteran-led business that offers what you need and collaborate on how to achieve the best results. 


Achieve Success Together

By working with a veteran-led business, you will achieve your business objectives while giving back to Veterans.